Trane distributors were able to see the company’s new XR family of air conditioners and heat pumps. Pictured above is the 13-SEER model, XR13. The heat pump version will be available in R-22.
DALLAS - Not only did Trane officials introduce new products for 2006 to invited distributors at its recent Marketing and Product Extravaganza, they had fun doing it.

Mike Ray, Trane's residential manager of product marketing, stood in the middle of a makeshift boxing ring on stage, imitating a ring announcer. He introduced various personnel on stage to talk about the company's new residential, light commercial, and commercial products; controls; outdoor products and systems; packaged systems; and split systems. Each came running to the stage, wearing boxing apparel and a robe, complete with nicknames embroidered on the back. This included the likes of Greg "Muddy" Waters, systems leader for outdoor products, and Tim "Thunder" Storm, product manager for furnaces and coils.

Here is a brief rundown of what Trane introduced.

  • Residential air conditioners and heat pumps: New to the lineup is its XR family of air conditioners and heat pumps. With a SEER rating of 14 plus, the XR14 features the company's Climatuff® compressor, designed to offer "consistent, quiet performance for maximum comfort and reliability," according to the company.

    Trane also introduced its 13-SEER model, XR13. The XR13 heat pump will be available with R-22. Meanwhile the XR14 air conditioners will be offered with R-22, while the heat pump will feature R-410A.

    Also new is the XB family, which will be offered in 13 SEER.

  • Gas furnaces: Coming in the first quarter of 2006 will be its improvements to the XB80 and XB90 models, which will feature a new louver design. Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter of this year, Trane plans to have its XT80 and XT90 models available, each being single-stage with a high-efficiency motor. By the end of the first quarter next year, it plans to offer its XL80i and XL90i models, along with its XV80i and XV901 models, with integrated CleanEffectsâ„¢.

    At this same point in time, the manufacturer is looking to offer its XC90 three-stage furnace with Comfort Linkâ„¢, designed to assist the technician in the installation process. The top end will be the XC90i, which not only includes CleanEffects, but ComfortLink, too.

    Pictured is Trane’s XL digital programmable comfort control, which was introduced earlier this year.
  • Air handlers: New for 2006 will be the 2TFB3F-8, available in 1.5 to 2.5 tons. The 2/4TFE-B model will be variable-speed, also available in 1.5 to 3 tons. Going to the top-of-the-line, Trane plans to have its TEE variable-speed models by the second quarter of next year. They will be offered in 1.5 to 5 tons, and with ComfortLink and integrated CleanEffects.

  • Packaged units: New for 2006 will be the XB13 and XL13 air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas/electric models.

  • Comfort controls: The manufacturer promoted its comfort controls products, most of which were introduced in late 2004 or last year. The TCONT200 digital non-programmable thermostat was introduced in 2004, while the TCONT401 was introduced in January of this year.

    It soon plans to have a 402 Model, which will have three heat and two cool controls. Meanwhile, the TCONT600 programmable models were introduced in July of this year, while the 800 programmable models were introduced at the start of this year. The digital communicating control, TCONT900, is scheduled to be available by the end of the first quarter of 2006.

    Some of the features of Trane’s XT90, 90 percent gas furnace (cutout shown above) include a single-speed draft inducer, direct-drive fan speed motor, silicon nitride igniter, and has a single- or two-pipe vent option.
  • Commercial: In its 3- to 5-ton Precedent line, the company will make a gas/electric model available in cooling only, one and three phase, with R-410A. A heat pump version will also be available. By the end of the third quarter next year, it plans to offer a 15-SEER Precedent, with R-410A.

    In the 12.5- to 25-ton Voyager line, Trane expects to have an ASHRAE 2010 efficiency-compliant model available by the third quarter of 2006.

  • Split systems: In the Odyssey lineup, it plans to offer a 20-ton air conditioner model (TTA240F) and air handler (TWE240E) before the end of 2006. It plans to introduce its 25-ton model air conditioner (TTA300E and TTA300F) in the third quarter of next year.

  • Mini-splits: Trane will offer a full line of 13-SEER mini-splits, with R-22. These will be offered in 0.75-ton to 2-ton models. Features include a three-stage air filter system, cooling only and heat pump configurations, and wireless control.

  • PTAC: The manufacturer plans to have an entire new look for its packaged terminal air conditioners in 2006. It plans to launch cooling only and heat pump versions the first quarter of next year. It plans to have 115V, 208-230V, and 265V air conditioning versions.

    Publication date: 09/26/2005