MINNEAPOLIS - Honeywell has been awarded $8.8 million in contracts to upgrade building systems and reduce energy costs in four Illinois school districts: Schuyler-Industry School District, Rushville; Paw Paw School District, Paw Paw; Butler School District, Oak Brook; and Ridgeview School District, Colfax. The districts will fund the improvements from the energy and operational savings produced, and Honeywell guarantees the savings under a performance contract with each district.

"Buildings require major investments over the course of their lives, but like many districts, we haven't had the funding to make necessary changes," said Matt Plater, superintendent of Schuyler-Industry School District. "Our contract with Honeywell allows us to make improvements that provide optimal comfort and efficiency. As energy costs continue to rise, the return on investment increases."

As part of a 20-year, $2.3 million performance contract with Schuyler-Industry, Honeywell will provide capital upgrades to the district's high school. The work is expected to cut energy costs by 25 percent, and includes the replacement of a 50-year-old steam boiler with a new HVAC system.

Honeywell will also install its Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI), a management platform that integrates core building functions. EBI will enable the school to control the environment of each classroom from a single workstation. In addition, Honeywell will replace all windows at the high school, which comprise almost one-half of the building's exterior surface, with double-pane, energy-efficient windows.

For the Paw Paw School District, Honeywell will provide $1.98 million in capital upgrades for three schools through a 20-year performance contract.

At Ridgeview, Honeywell is providing capital upgrades as part of a 20-year, $3.66 million performance contract to three schools. Honeywell's 10-year, $874,000 performance contract with the Butler School District will provide capital upgrades to two elementary schools.

"Despite the reality of tight budgets, aging infrastructure and rising energy costs, school districts have options when it comes to improving their facilities and operations," said Joe Puishys, president of Honeywell Building Solutions. "Through performance contracts, Honeywell is helping districts create more comfortable and effective learning environments without impacting budgets."

The company will complete work in the main academic areas of all affected buildings before school begins in late August 2006.

Publication date: 07/03/2006