A CD and Web site are interactive versions ofThe Brazing Book. The CD and Web site feature a learning map, which allows users to track their progress through the contents. Incorporated into the CD and Web site are a glossary of brazing terms, current company brochures, and technical bulletins. The Brazing Bookis divided into five sections. Section One explains what brazing is and where and how to use it, and Section Two illustrates various brazing applications. Section Three includes lists; selection charts; technical reference tables; and related information about the brazing products, filler materials, and fluxes available for particular brazing applications. Section Four describes the company's services and equipment. Section Five lists a variety of other brazing-related information.

Lucas-Milhaupt Inc., 5656 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Cudahy, WI 53110; 800-558-3856 or 414-769-6000; 414-769-1093 (fax); www.handy-one.com

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