ANAHEIM, Calif. - StrionAir Inc. exhibited its patented high-efficiency, low-pressure germicidal air filtration technology for the first time during the 2004 AHR Expo.

Bruce Dawson, president and CEO of StrionAir, held a press conference to introduce the company's GC filter technology, which combines ionization, electrostatics, and mechanical filtration to provide a solution to high-efficiency filtration (MERV 15 and greater) at low pressure drops (0.35-inches WG initial pressure at 500 fpm) with the germicidal ability to kill airborne pathogens.

"2003 was a year of exciting progress for StrionAir," said Dawson. "We obtained third-party validation of our GC filter's MERV 15 filtration efficiency, as well as validation of its germicidal effect against a number of airborne pathogens including the milled weapons-grade anthrax surrogate Bacillus atrophaeus."

In addition, Dawson explained that the company has positioned its production capabilities to provide the filtration system for government and health care, as well as commercial customers.

According to the company, the GC filter will enable facility managers to reduce operating costs, protect building occupants from airborne threats, and provide a more comfortable work environment. The technology was developed to address a number of indoor environmental concerns, including biological- and radiological-related terrorist threats, sick building syndrome, and nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections.

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Publication date: 02/16/2004