This corded heavy-duty reciprocating saw, DW304PK, features a four-position blade clamp designed specifically for flush cutting. The blade clamp enables the saw blade to be inserted into two common vertical positions as well as two horizontal positions, says the manufacturer. With the blade in the horizontal position, users are able to cut close to floors, walls, and ceilings, or where clearance is limited, the company says. The saw features a 10-A motor and delivers up to 2,800 strokes per minute. It has a 1-1/8-inch stroke length. The saw comes equipped with a keyless lever-action blade change. It can cut through existing walls, PVC, metal pipe, metal studs, threaded rods, strut, duct corners, and other items, the company says.

DeWalt, 701 E. Joppa Rd., Baltimore, MD 21286; 800-433-9258;

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