FAIRFAX, Va. — Residential and commercial HVAC company Cropp-Metcalfe has been designated as an Official Training and Recertification Center by North American Technician Excellence (NATE).

This designation recognizes Cropp-Metcalfe as a training facility to prepare for the NATE exam. It also allows the company to conduct NATE testing.

“Being a NATE member lets the consumer know that they are dealing with highly trained, competent technicians,” said Jess Gordon, residential service manager for Cropp-Metcalfe. “Only 60 percent of applicants pass the rigorous examination on a national level in order to become certified. The auto industry has had ASE certification, and now we have NATE certification for our industry.”

According to Cropp-Metcalfe, the company was one of the first HVAC contractors in the nation to become involved with NATE. Mike Rackers, service technician for the company, serves on the NATE board. Also, Cropp-Metcalfe employee Tim Nettleton was instrumental in designing some of the early testing procedures for NATE.

Publication date: 06/23/2003