ORLANDO, Fla. - AirTime 500 introduced a new financing program for its contractor members at the organization's recent Magic of Success Expo in Orlando, Fla. Terry Nicholson, president of AirTime, presented the One Stop Financing program, stating that it is a financing program which gives AirTime members the choice of multiple financing options with just one phone call. While in the client's home, AirTime members can seek approval from a primary financing source, and should the client be turned down, they can be switched to a secondary financing source on the same phone call.

AirTime 500 also introduced Contractor Wizard. This program will manage contractor's marketing efforts online, according to AirTime 500. Some of the components include: a set of tools that will help turn the federally-mandated changeover to 13-SEER air conditioning units into new and satisfied customers; a new vanity number program that will help members' call volume increase by as much as 600 percent; and ways for members to take advantage of the new Federal Tax Credit Program by helping customers make their homes more energy efficient and get a tax break, according to AirTime.

Author and marketing expert Harry Beckwith (pictured right) made a special appearance at the AirTime 500 Expo. Beckwith held a four-hour session with AirTime members where he highlighted the importance of building relationships with clients and offered specific ways that business owners can accomplish this.

Publication date: 11/21/2005