NEW YORK CITY — Compressor remanufacturer members of the International Compressor Remanufacturers Association (ICRA) gathered here March 23-26.

Members attended educational workshops and heard from experts from UL Labs, Sporlan Valve, Hudson Technologies, and Highside Chemicals.

The convention presented two keynote speakers: William Gager, chairman of the Remanufacturing Industries Council International (RICI), and Dr. Nabil Nasr, director of the National Center of Remanufacturing & Resource Recovery, based at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The ICRA board of directors proposed, and the membership approved, the endorsement and support of the work of RICI, which promotes the entire remanufacturing industry and its positive impact on the environment.

RICI is lobbying Congress to pass a 25% investment tax credit for the purchase of remanufacturing equipment. In addition, a special committee has been appointed to work with Dr. Nasr to develop an independent auditing procedure and program for ICRA.

The following new ICRA officers were elected: Richard Staiano, National Compressor Exchange, president; Arthur D. Smith, ASAP Compressors, first vice president; Bob Goss, New England Compressor Exchange, second vp; Horace Park, Orr Refrigeration, third vp; and Warren Spanutius, Bradleys Hermetics, secretary-treasurer.