The BTU 1000 is a basic, hand-held boiler tuning unit and flue gas analyzer. It analyzes O2 and CO, and calculates CO2. The unit comes preloaded with 10 fuel sources to choose from for greater efficiency accuracy. Differential pressure input can verify draft, a gas pipework leak with a pressure decay program, gas flow pressure, pressure in combustion chamber, ∆P on filters and fan, and pressure switches calibration. The smoke index measurement is performed using the optional external hand pump. The results can be stored in the internal memory and printed on a report. Features include an ambient CO monitor with 1-ppm resolution, draft and differential pressure meter, rechargeable battery, a water trap to inhibit water from entering the instrument, a four-line display, and a magnetic rubber holster. The unit has a 7-inch removable flue gas probe; longer probes are available. The instrument is available with or without a built-in rugged impact printer.

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