DALLAS - The Service Roundtable, a private contractor group, recorded more than 3 million Web site page loads as of Dec. 6, 2005.

"This is an average of one visit every 34 seconds, 24/7/365 since we launched in September 2002," said Matt Michel, Service Roundtable CEO.

Michel said that if someone did nothing but click on the site once every 30 seconds during standard business hours, it would take more than 12 years to reach 3 million page loads.

The Service Roundtable has one of the most active Web sites in the contracting world because "it delivers outstanding value for its members," Michel said.

"The Service Roundtable is not an expense, but a profit enhancer," said Matt Prazenka with American Weathermakers in Northbrook, Ill.

HVAC and plumbing contractors join the Service Roundtable for a $50 monthly subscription to take advantage of sales, marketing, and business tools made available to members; ongoing contractor roundtable discussions; and savings on purchases.

The organization offers a number of services free of charge to the contracting community. This includes:

  • The "Comanche Marketing" newsletter;

  • Lee Rosenberg's e-book, 100 Simple Practices Every Service Business Should Perform; and

  • Matt Michel's e-book, 50 Comanche Marketing Tips for Building Your Service Business.

    For more information, visit www.serviceroundtable.com.

    Publication date: 01/02/2006