The S-Series SPA hotel ice dispenser has a patented rocking chute dispensing system, which reduces in-flight ice and ice spillage with quick on-off activation. A polyethylene bin liner with polyurethane insulation helps maintain temperatures and extend the life of the ice. Features include an expanded dispensing area, which accommodates larger containers; a larger drain pan; and a drain plug, which is accessible from the front with no disassembling. The dispenser accepts a 22- or 30-inch wide ice machine and provides up to 870 pounds of ice daily. Storage capacities range from 120 pounds with the 22-inch ice machine to 180 pounds of ice with the 30-inch model. Both sizes offer dispensing ice and water or ice- only configurations. Coin-op or room card dispense controls are available.

Manitowoc Ice Inc., 2110 South 26th St., P.O. Box 1720, Manitowoc, WI 54221-1720; 800-545-5720 or 920-682-0161; 920-683-7589 (fax);

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