Trane recently secured a performance contract to upgrade the building HVAC infrastructure and climate control equipment in five buildings within the Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Steuben County, in Angola, Ind.

"Trane's HVAC solutions will contribute to increased energy efficiency of our school buildings," said Niles Pfafman, assistant superintendent, MSD of Steuben County. "With some of the installation complete, we are already experiencing dramatic improvements in the comfort level of our classrooms - which we believe has a direct impact on learning." Trane has supplied and maintained MSD of Steuben County's HVAC equipment and controls for more than five years.

Trane's Performance Contracting (PACT) is a package of products and services, customized to specific building requirements, designed to deliver significant energy and operating cost reductions. Energy savings achieved through PACT pay for facility enhancements.

As part of the planned renovation, scheduled for completion in April 2006, Trane will upgrade and provide the following, which is expected to result in energy savings of $40,000 per year, in addition to operational savings:

  • 17 Voyagerâ„¢ packaged rooftop units that offer improved energy efficiency;

  • High efficiency boilers;

  • Temperature control upgrades;

  • Recommissioning of the HVAC controls;

  • Lighting retrofits, including T-8 lamps with electronic ballasts for improved efficiency; and

  • Masonry repairs and window replacements to better seal the building and improve energy efficiency.

    "MSD of Steuben County will benefit greatly from reduced energy and maintenance costs while improving the long-term sustainability of the school facilities," said Pat Garibay, education and local government market sales leader for Trane. "Trane's PACT solutions offer schools opportunity to install highly efficient energy savings systems today that provide high-performance learning environments - and fund these solutions through guaranteed energy savings."

    Publication date: 01/16/2006