A sample of one of the spot coolers used to provide temporary comfort cooling for shoppers.
HVAC equipment downtime in the midst of a hot, humid summer is not what shopping center owners, merchants, or customers want. But that was the situation faced at a complex in New York City.

The management of a popular shopping center realized that the permanent system needed to be taken off line for maintenance. With that decision came the need for temporary cooling in order to keep the temperature within the strip of stores comfortable for shoppers and employees. In looking for a temporary cooling solution, the managers called Ed Cox, territory sales manager of NuTemp. Together they decided to go with a large number of MovinCool spot coolers, including 28 Office Pro 60s, 14 Classic Plus 26s, and six Classic Plus 14s.

A more typical solution for such a situation would have been temporary chillers or large air conditioners. However, in this case the mall's air handlers and duct systems were down, thus the decision to go with spot coolers. In addition, because the complex had a number of individual spaces, stringing 20-inch diameter flex duct was not an option.

"I felt that the management of the property was very happy with the job we did at the mall," said Cox. "We supplied them with the equipment right away, installed it quickly, and it began operating immediately. There are several high-level retailers in the shopping strip. We made sure that their customers would not feel the heat."

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Publication date: 09/06/2004