SELMA, Texas - Munters offers a new solution for capturing moisture from outside air and turning it into pure drinking water.

The company's humidity control H2O LiquidAire system captures water during the dehumidification process and purifies it into drinking water. Both processes rely on a single source of energy.

According to the company, outside air passes through an efficient air filter, which purifies it by removing dust, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne particles. The moisture is condensed from the outside air and collected in an ultraviolet-protected chamber. The condensate water is stored in a holding tank, which is continuously ozonated to prohibit bacterial growth. As needed, water is drawn from the tank, filtered through a VOC carbon filter, and passed through an ultraviolet sanitation light. The water is now purified for drinking, and the cool, dry air is sent indoors to create a comfortable indoor environment.

"Every air conditioning system generates condensate from its cooling coils, which is just dumped down the drain," explains Larry Klekar, national accounts sales manager for Munters. "This system captures this virtually distilled water and turns it into drinking water."

Publication date: 11/01/2004