In response to a need that was identified through the Education Survey that was conducted last year, the Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Institute's (HRAI's) SkillTechAcademy will pilot a one-day seminar in June on Troubleshooting Residential Air Conditioning Equipment. Two thirds of the residential and commercial contractors who completed the survey expressed a concern about the lack of training available for troubleshooting air conditioning, heating, and ventilation equipment.

The pilot seminar, scheduled for Toronto on June 29, 2004, will use a simulated computer program from Simutech Systems Inc. to provide participants with a checklist for troubleshooting ducted split system residential air conditioning equipment. The seminar will cover electrical troubleshooting, refrigerant system problem diagnosis, and the proper process for changing refrigerant components and charging a system. Feedback from this seminar will be assessed by the SkillTech Education Task Team prior to making the training available in other areas. Consideration is also being given to offering similar sessions for furnaces and heat pumps.

If you are interested in seeing an outline for this seminar, contact Lynn Bartoshuk, education supervisor, at 800-267-2231, ext. 230, or e-mail

Publication date: 06/28/2004