INDIANAPOLIS - Last year, Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems announced its national sponsorship of Little League Baseball. According to the company, this sponsorship has proven to be a "home run" for dealers and their communities.

Bryant dealers nationwide use the sponsorship as a way to show their commitment to, and increase their presence in, the communities where they do business.

Debbie Castro, marketing manager for Bryant is pleased with how the dealer/distributor network welcomed the sponsorship. "By becoming a sponsor, the Bryant dealer also becomes a part of the team by attending games, interacting with players and coaches, and making resources available," said Castro.

One recent example of a Bryant dealer participating in the sponsorship program occurred in early March. Families of Palm Bay, Fla., were still faced with cost burdens from hurricane damage caused in 2004. To help these families, Palm Bay West Little League maintained low-cost registration fees for the 2005 season. As a result, the league lacked enough funding to provide proper baseball/softball equipment to the players.

Because of the Bryant Little League sponsorship, Able Air Inc., a Bryant dealer in Melbourne, Fla., stepped up to the plate and provided assistance.

"On Saturday, Feb. 28, an Able Air truck pulled up and started unloading brand-new equipment bags, water coolers, score books, ball buckets, and much more. I was overwhelmed with joy for the league and the kids," said Bob Bowen, board secretary for Palm Bay West Little League. "Able Air and Bryant have proven to be bright spots for our community."

Publication date: 05/02/2005