SAN JOSE, Calif. - LonMark International announced the signing of an affiliation agreement with LonTech Thun. LonTech Thun is an information center and interest group of end users and developers involved in LonWorks technology. LonTech Thun, based in Switzerland, is the first member of the European LonUsers community to join the LonMark affiliation program.

LonMark affiliates are independent, nonprofit associations representing the local interests of LonMark International and their members. The network of affiliates will allow LonMark International to focus its resources on strategic programs that benefit all members around the world.

"We recognize the growing importance of the LonMark brand and open, interoperable systems in Switzerland," said Christoph Brönnimann, president of LonTech Thun and a member of the LonMark International board of directors. "We are very excited to be the first LonUsers organization to join the LonMark affiliation program. By becoming a LonMark association, we will become better equipped to promote a unified open systems message to our members and the Swiss marketplace."

Publication date: 04/25/2005