OTTAWA - NAIMA Canada, a trade association for manufacturers of fiberglass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation, is now in operation. As a sister organization to the 70-year-old North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA), which represents the entire North American market, NAIMA Canada will deal with the localized issues and market drivers unique to Canada. NAIMA Canada was established July 6, 2004.

The primary activities of NAIMA Canada are to participate in initiatives that promote energy efficiency and sustainable building; promote the safe use of its members' products; assist members in regulatory filings; and assist in the development of codes and standards that affect its members' products. NAIMA Canada also will contribute to technical insulation research and reviews, support standardization in insulation systems and installation quality, and increase awareness of insulation products.

"The Canadian market is of critical importance to insulation manufacturers, and it is clear that manufacturers need an organization dedicated solely to the unique issues and needs of this country," Ken Mentzer, treasurer of NAIMA Canada, stated. "Canada's commitment to minimizing global climate change is one to be admired, and we will work closely with NAIMA Canada members in our work to conserve energy and protect the environment."

Trent Ogilvie, chairman of NAIMA Canada, added, "NAIMA has been a positive force promoting energy efficiency. NAIMA Canada will bring a similar level of stewardship and industry involvement to the Canadian market."

The NAIMA Canada founding members are: Cafco Industries Inc., CertainTeed Corp., Fibrex Insulations Inc., Johns Manville, Knauf Insulation, Owens Corning Canada, and Roxul Inc. Membership is open to any manufacturer of fiberglass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation products for the Canadian market.

The officers of NAIMA Canada are: Trent Ogilvie, chairman, Roxul Inc.; Barry Shupp, vice chairman, Owens Corning Canada; Ken Mentzer, treasurer; and Angus Crane, secretary. For more information, contact NAIMA Canada at 613-232-8093 or via e-mail at NAIMA Canada can be found online at

Publication date: 10/18/2004