FENWICK, Ontario - Skybound Software's new communications program, MeetPoint, is designed to help prevent negative feedback at auction sites, and also to reduce or stop e-mail tag.

The program links communication software to a user's auctions, and then to the user's computer. This enables MeetPoint users to communicate with people visiting their auction pages.

"Most negative feedback comments would not be filed if better communication existed between both parties," said Skybound co-owner, Paul Young. "MeetPoint provides the quality of communication required to ensure this."

MeetPoint is designed to enhance the element of human interaction, says the company.

Young said, "MeetPoint users have an advantage over their competition. Once a visitor directly communicates with a vendor, a relationship is established. The chances of that person placing a bid or buying from that vendor are increased substantially."

The communication software can also be linked to a user's Web site, so that any business can benefit from it. For example, consultants can use it to talk to clients and offer them advice.

According to Young, MeetPoint helps increase the confidence level of buyers and sellers when doing business. "You feel like you are dealing with real people. That's what business is all about."

Publication date: 05/24/2004