SuperVentâ„¢ is a device designed to eliminate air from hydronic heating systems without bleeding. It features a no-clog vent assembly and a 360-degree adjustable collar ring. According to the manufacturer, the air eliminator has a stainless steel concentrator that bursts air bubbles. A spring holds the horizontal lifting arm, ensuring that the no-clog baffle controls debris and prevents splashing water from entering the venting area, says the company. Attached to the lifting arm is a plastic hexagonal float that reacts to fluctuations in water level. When a surge in water pressure occurs, the float springs upward, causing the gasket to seal the venting area. This allows rising air to escape in a controlled fashion after the water level drops, the company states.

Honeywell Corp., 1985 Douglas Dr. N., Golden Valley, MN 55422; 800-328-5111;

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