MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - John Murphy, chair of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI), announced that 28 individuals now hold the Residential Air System Design Technician (RASDT) designation from HRAI's SkillTechAcademy. The RASDT designation was first established in May 2003 in partnership with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). At that time, only seven individuals had completed the training necessary to qualify immediately for the designation.

According to HRAI, each of the RASDT holders has attended and holds current certification for all five of the following SkillTech Academy training programs:

  • Residential Mechanical Ventilation Installation;

  • Residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations;

  • Residential Air System Design;

  • Residential Integrated Combo Systems; and

  • Residential Commissioning.

    Murphy noted, "Response thus far has been extremely positive and designation holders view the use of the RASDT acronym on their business cards, job quotes, and submissions to municipalities as setting them apart from their competitors in the industry. HRAI is well on its way to achieving our goal of having the Residential Air System Design Technician designation become the recognized standard for the HVAC industry, signifying that an individual has achieved the level of technical competence required to meet good practice and building code requirements throughout Canada."

    SkillTech Academy is a division of HRAI. For more information, contact Lynn Bartoshuk at 800-267-2231 or lbartoshuk@hrai.ca.

    Publication date: 03/29/2004