Mayor Harold Rideau recently announced that Baker, La., city workers would attempt to eliminate a mold problem from the city's Municipal Annex by cleaning its HVAC system with a chemical that kills fungi on contact.

The building houses the police department, city court, and city prosecutor's offices, but police left the facility on Nov. 1 after a consultant found high levels of mold in the building.

In an article in the online publication, city judge Mark Plaisance said his employees would continue to use the annex, but police chief Sid Gautreaux moved his employees to other locations in the city.

Rideau said, "The situation got to where it is because of no maintenance."

The building's air conditioning units are on the roof, which leaks and adds to the moisture problem. Rideau said the building needs a new roof, but the design of the existing roof will make it difficult to install a pitched roof that would lessen the problem.

An insurance adjustor has inspected the building, but the city's insurance company has not yet agreed to cover any expenses in cleaning the facility.

Publication date: 12/06/2004