SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Carrier Corporation has introduced the upgraded Advanced Product Monitor™ (APM) kit, and the Electrically Commutated Motor (ECM) Simulator kit, the latest diagnostic tools for Carrier’s line of gas furnaces. The introduction was part of GE Motors’ celebration of the 3 millionth ECM motor.

Carrier said that its APM software kit can be used in combination with a laptop computer or Palm Computing® device to directly connect with a variable-speed gas furnace. This will allow technicians to read more than 70 data points from the furnace’s control center, including status code history, operating cycles, and operating hours.

The APM also provides a datalogging function for laptop computers to monitor furnace operation over a period of time.

The ECM Simulator, according to Carrier, allows technicians to troubleshoot inducer/blower motor related problems by simulating both the ECM 2.5 “serial communicating” motor used in new Carrier 58MVP Series 171 and the WeatherMaker® 8000 variable-speed 58CVA. The ECM kit is compatible to all 58MVP Series furnaces built since 1993.

Publication date: 05/12/2003