ATLANTA — Multifamily facility managers now have a way to achieve higher climate control efficiency through a new, innovative Carrier product pairing. Carrier’s 24-volt interface will achieve greater energy efficiency by combining a variable-speed, single-zone outdoor unit with an indoor fan coil.

The new pairing achieves maximum energy efficiency by combining a ductless single-zone outdoor unit with a multifamily indoor fan coil, matched with a 24-volt interface and the Côr® thermostat or another compatible third-party thermostat.

“The Carrier ductless team is committed to finding unique solutions to meet our customers’ needs for any type of structure, so we’re extremely excited to introduce this kit and be able to deliver greater efficiency to our multifamily customers,” said Meredith Emmerich, managing director, Carrier, ductless and variable refrigerant flow. “Our sales and engineering teams are working closely every day to find new solutions to climate control challenges, and we’re confident this kit will serve the multifamily industry well.”

This new pairing is available in a kit from Carrier that includes the 24-volt interface as well as detailed instructions on how to install the pairing.

The pairing can significantly increase the efficiency of the fan coil, with ratings reaching up to 18 SEER and up to 12 HSPF. There is a separate power requirement for the indoor unit and the outdoor unit while auxiliary heat control is available via the thermostat.

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Publication date: 9/22/2017

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