SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake resident Steve Love, owner of Hidden Springs Ranch, a multi-million dollar adventure resort located high in the hills south of Salt Lake City, built his lodge from the ground up. He said he spared no expense, using the finest materials available, including wood floors, tile, and beautiful stone areas.

To bring comfort to the floors, Love installed a unique in-floor radiant heating system.

“I wanted a heating system that would provide my guests with the most comfort available, but that wasn’t too complex and didn’t require a lot of maintenance,” Love says.

In the end, Hidden Springs Ranch heats its 7,500 square feet of flooring with a state-of-the-art, low-voltage radiant heating system manufactured in Salt Lake City. This low-voltage radiant system uses what is called “ZMesh,” a bronze-wired mesh that resembles screen door material. This unique product is flat, and can be installed directly underneath hardwood flooring.

Because it has low-voltage electricity running through it, Advanced Heating Solutions of Salt Lake City says you can staple and nail right through the product, making installation quick and easy. In fact, because it is low voltage, the company says you can actually put your wet hand on the bronze wire while the system is on, and not receive a shock.

Nearly every type of floor covering available can be placed on top of ZMesh, including tile, hardwood, carpet, and slate. Advanced Heating Solutions says this makes the system easy to retrofit into existing homes and ideal for finishing a cold basement. No ducts or vents need to be run, and a separate room for a boiler is not needed.

This system is controlled by a 17-inch by 12-inch by 8-inch control box that can be hung on a garage or utility room wall. A floor thermostat activates the system, so it can be programmed and set at the desired floor temperature.

The systems have no moving parts, making maintenance minimal, says Love. The system also conserves energy by running at 100 percent efficiency at all elevations, says Advanced Heating Solutions.

For more information regarding ZMesh, visit or call 877-877-4724.

Publication date: 08/04/2003