Navigator Amyr Klink is using compressor technology from Embraco on his sailboatParatii 2. One of the purposes of the variable-velocity compressor (VCC3) is to allow the reduction of approximately 50% in power consumption in relation to other products on the market already used by Klink.

An advantage for the navigator is the comfort of having food frozen at –18 degrees C instead of just meals based on dehydrated cereals and dried fruits. Embraco’s corporate technology officer, Laercio Hardt, said that variable-capacity compressors also have extremely low temperature variations when used in freezers or refrigerators, improving the quality of food preservation.

Klink visited the manufacturer’s laboratories in Joinville Brazil, where the systems were designed and received a performance evaluation of the compressors used on his last expedition, from Embraco’s engineers. He also went to Sao Francisco do Sul, a city not far from Joinville, to visit the Museu Nacional do Mar, which houses one of the first boats he used.

“In the beginning, Amyr wanted to preserve films and videos at –5 degrees C, using the least possible amount of power. Thus, at the beginning of this year, Embraco provided him with the solution of installing the FFU 100 HAK Racional Series compressor,” said Hardt.

“Now the VCC3 is able to give more benefits,” he added. “Furthermore, the use of ecologically friendly refrigerant gases, which do not affect the environment, is being adopted.”

Publication date: 09/02/2002