The Ultra-E Series packaged chiller/boiler system combines a chiller and boiler, with a pumping station, in one enclosure. It is an ultraefficient climate system and can be used for residential and light commercial hydronic applications, says the manufacturer. The chillers have ratings of over 12 EER, which translate to COPs greater than 3.5 using less than 1 kW/ton. Boiler efficiencies exceed 92 percent AFUE and are condensing and modulating with a 3:1 turndown ratio. The chiller/boiler system has the ability to produce hot and chilled water simultaneously, therefore the options and variety of terminal units (radiant in-floor, mini-ducts, fan coils, indirect water heaters, snow melt/patio warming, etc.) is limited only by the needs of the user and the imagination of the engineers and contractors involved, the company states.

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