In many parts of the country, people haven't switched off their air conditioners, but here atThe News, we're already thinking about all the new boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps being offered by manufacturers.

The News' annual Heating Showcase introduces the latest heating units that are available for the upcoming heating season. The intent is to help contractors assess new product offerings by putting key product information at their fingertips.

The information included with this showcase issue is based on what contractors have told us they'd like to see.

Included in the coverage are feature-specific details about each individual product as submitted by the manufacturers. The point is to help contractors and technicians compare and contrast the different products, so they have helpful information to provide to their customers.

The Heating Showcase includes product grids, which include technical facts such as unit tonnage, system type, and Btuh. These charts are provided on The News' home page. (Click on the Heating Showcase link to access the charts in PDF format.) The features "Residential Heating Product Review" and "Light Commercial Heating Product Review" provide more in-depth information on each individual unit, highlighting the benefits and additional features. Technical support information is also included, as well as information on how to contact manufacturers and/or distributors.

All of the data included in the product grids and the product review features were provided by the manufacturers. Therefore, any questions should be directed to them via the contact information provided in the feature articles.

The News' annual Heating Showcase issue is meant to be a tool for contractors to use when preparing for the heating season. If there is something additional that you would like to see in next year's coverage, please contact Joanna Turpin at 480-726-7121, 480-726-7120 (fax), or

Publication date: 09/20/2004