CLEVELAND - More than 300 industry leaders attended the first annual Engineering Green Buildings (EGB) Seminar and Conference in Cleveland, July 20-23. The conference explored the gaining interest in energy-efficient building design and certification.

ABB Inc. was one of several HVAC companies to participate in the event. "We know that ‘green' has become systematic," said Jeff Miller, HVAC sales manager for ABB Inc., low-voltage drives.

"It is the way, not a way, to engage new and retrofit construction."

The conference also looked at the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. The program is a rating system that allows building owners to certify their building in three areas: silver, gold, or platinum. Owners received points for energy-efficient designs, including use of motor drives on their fans and plenums, as well as environmentally friendly designs such as using recycled grey water from sinks to water a building's surrounding lawn.

The conference also educated attendees that green building choices are becoming a requirement in areas of the country. At local levels, for example, Chicago requires all new county facilities to meet LEED standards. Currently, at least 3 percent of U.S. construction work is now undergoing LEED certification or requires LEED design.

"We concluded from the EGB Conferencing presentations that LEED is in its infancy, but not for long; and the upside potential for everyone - vendors, designers, owners, and building users - is tremendous," said Mike Olsen, manager of HVAC applications for ABB Inc.

Publication date: 09/13/2004