Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) member Jim Thomas of Refrigerant Services and HRAI president Warren Heeley met with Craig Morrison and Melanie Haggert of the Nova Scotia Ministry of Environment and Labour in March to discuss the province's progress on adopting regulations to accelerate the elimination of CFC refrigerants and dispose of surplus stocks.

Both Morrison and Haggert are new to the provincial office and HRAI provided them with background on the strategy as well as the importance of adopting the proposed regulations. These proposed regulations include CFC refill bans for commercial refrigeration equipment and chillers, as well as seller take back and stewardship requirements.

The provincial representatives are contemplating issuing guidelines versus regulations. Thomas and Heeley reinforced the need for regulations to ensure that industry and equipment owners comply and to prevent Nova Scotia from becoming a "dumping ground" for CFC refrigerants banned in other provinces. HRAI noted that it will be writing to the new Nova Scotia Minister of Environment and Labour to reinforce the need for action by the province.

For more information, contact Heeley at 800-267-2231 or e-mail warren.heeley@hrai.ca.

Publication date: 04/05/2004