A control module called the Cube is being offered in retrofit and OEM applications for display coolers and vending machines. Its creator, Phil Baker, calls it “a standardized refrigeration module incorporating the latest technology, including electronic controls to regulate operation and help manage electrical and heating issues while addressing the issue of dirt buildup.”

He went on to say, “A prime design objective was a module that can be removed and replaced easily within minutes. This allows the refrigeration modules simply to be exchanged in the field and brought back to the shop or returned to the factory service center. This minimizes labor, equipment downtime, and accidental refrigerant gas discharge issues.”

The GRS2100, or Cube for short, became a reality after 10 years of research by Baker, who had worked for a number of years on refrigeration aspects of coolers and vending machines. Upon completion of the research, he formed SimpliCool Technologies International LLC, Waynesville, Ohio, to bring the product to market.

The Cube measures 10 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. It weighs 62 pounds.

The Cube measures 10 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. It weighs 62 pounds.

Hearty Components

The Cube is described as “self-contained, universal, electronically controlled, closed-loop, and interchangeable. It operates at reduced noise levels, and its electronic controls enable it to continue operating during low-voltage conditions and to protect the system against voltage surges or brownout conditions.”

Baker said the Cube uses a high-efficiency compressor designed specifically for vending equipment, an “excess-capacity” condenser, and a cooling system “that reduces the compressor’s operating temperature substantially.”

According to information from the company, the electronic control system incorporates a microprocessor. A high-resolution temperature sensor network allows monitoring of refrigerant pressure, airflow, and cabinet temperatures, and also allows for evaporator defrosting on demand. Said Baker, this defrost feature “essentially eliminates freeze-ups and saves the compressor from a burnout” through the use of preset temperature cutout.

“Essentially, the computer will shut down the compressor before it ever burns out. It also will allow communication with a multi-drop, bus-capable vending machine controller, and it can be connected to a laptop computer.”

The product has been listed with Underwriters Laboratories and has been used in a number of applications, including retrofits on vending machines, snack machines, display coolers, and similar pieces of equipment. Baker said the company has worked with governmental and environmental agencies in developing the product.

For information, call 888-282-3462 or visit www.simplicool.com.

Publication date: 08/04/2003