LEWISBURG, Tenn. - International Comfort Products (ICP) has welcomed Magnolia A/C and Supply LLC as a new distributor of Tempstar® brand air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas furnaces in southern Mississippi and Louisiana.

Magnolia's new headquarters is located in Jackson, Miss., and planned future locations include LaFayette, La., New Orleans, and Gulfport, Miss.

Pete Gasiewicz, ICP vice president and general manager, said that Magnolia A/C and Supply will provide a great opportunity to expand Tempstar brand recognition.

"Magnolia A/C and Supply is an aggressive company, with plans to open other branch locations in their first year. With their experienced personnel and dedication to good customer relations, we feel certain that their success will further improve Tempstar product recognition and demand."

Kirk Dickerson, president of Magnolia A/C and Supply, said the experience of the personnel will be a key to the company's success.

"Between our management and our personnel, we have 81-plus years of experience in the HVAC business. With our background and experience, we feel confident that Magnolia A/C and Supply will be a success, and I know that ICP products and support will make the marriage even better."

Richard East will serve as general manager, and James "Bubba" Williams will serve as the Jackson, Miss., branch manager. Both men have long histories in the south Mississippi and Louisiana HVAC markets, including successful careers selling Tempstar products.

Dickerson said that he chose the Tempstar product line because of its reputation.

"I chose to market Tempstar products, because they are top-quality and the people at ICP are leaders in the HVAC industry. Selling products that people recognize for quality and durability is the best way to break into this industry."

Dickerson said the company's name comes from a previous HVAC distributor in the area.

"We named our company Magnolia A/C and Supply because the prior Magnolia A/C and Supply was known for its excellent service and customer treatment. We wanted to build on that name and let people know that we have those same priorities. Our focus is on building good relationships with our customers, and developing good relationships is what a successful business is all about."

Publication date: 11/03/2003