La CRESCENT, Minn. - GEA Consulting recently announced its startup as a "new breed" of company specializing in helping small and large businesses gain access to experienced resources to assist the HVAC industry.

"Today's lean companies need access to experienced engineering talent to supplement their staffs for special projects or unique skills they may not have in-house," stated GEA president Larry Butz. "We tend to hear more about downsizing without recognizing there is often a corresponding ‘upsizing' occurring elsewhere in the industry."

All of GEA's personnel were formerly with major HVAC manufacturer Trane. According to the company, its staff has an average of 27 years of industry experience. Its capabilities include:

  • Technology and product development;

  • Market research;

  • Lean manufacturing and process improvement;

  • Laboratory testing and analysis; and

  • Environmental and regulatory.

    With its international experience, GEA says it can help companies of all sizes "go global."

    "Many of our people have been involved in the global environmental issues of ozone depletion and global warming over the last 10 years," says GEA's Dick Cawley. "Our expertise in new refrigerants, lubricants, materials, and chemistry is some of the best in the industry."

    GEA headquarters is in La Crescent, Minn., with offices in Wisconsin, Texas, France, and Australia. For more information, visit or call 507-895-6826.

    Publication date: 10/27/2003