NEW YORK — September 11, 2001 changed the world forever. The personal loss was no more evident than in the lives of the employees and families of New York City HVACR contractor BP Air Conditioning.

Last year, on the first anniversary of the World Trade Center collapse, BP Air paid a special tribute to two workers who died that day — Felix Calixte and Angelo Sereno. The following pictures and captions depict the emotions of the moment and the continuing theme that “We will never forget.”

Angelo Sereno was one of two workers who died when the World Trade Center came down.

Felix Calixte was the other worker who was lost during the attack.

Employees and family members of BP Air Conditioning at the memorial service on Sept. 11, 2002.

Noel Judge (foreground) reads a tribute to Felix Calixte during the memorial.

Shown is the plaque commissioned to remember the lost workers, which is currently affixed to BP Air’s building.

Delegates from Local 638 are shown after the memorial service.

Publication date:02/10/2003