CHICAGO — Parker Hannifin Corporation used this year’s Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) as a platform to announce several new product offerings. At a press conference, the company said many of its new products and components are designed in response to changes in the industry and changes to standards. Other new offerings have been made available to provide consumers with more value.

Parker Hannifin introduced its new line of B5 thermostatic expansion valves, which feature eight interchangeable orifice cartridges.

Codes And Safety

According to Parker, in response to recent code and standard changes requiring safety relief valve replacement every five years and establishing reduced allowable outlet piping capabilities, the company’s Refrigerating Specialties Division has designed and released a line of SRH and SR Series safety relief valves.

The SRH high-capacity safety relief valves can be used to replace existing relief valves or in new installations. For new installations, Parker suggests selecting the capacity required and checking the outlet piping required for the particular installation.

The SR series of valves has also been designed for replacements and new installations. The company said that the valves can be used as replacements for existing valves where the existing valves have more capacity than is required by the application. Parker added that this will eliminate the need for outlet piping changes that may be required to meet new code requirements if a higher capacity valve is used.

Parker also showcased an innovation designed to lessen the risk of injury and improve safety for contractors performing installation and maintenance work on air conditioning units. Parker said its valves’ captivated stem design and patented Poka-Yoke (“mistake proof”) technology will prevent the valve stem from becoming a deadly projectile in the event of a pressure spike. The Poka-Yoke is designed to prevent the cap from being installed onto the valve unless the stem is captivated.

“That means safety from injury, safety from liability, and the safety of your company’s reputation,” said Adrian Joseph, Parker marketing manager.

New Products

Parker has expanded its line of suction line driers and has introduced the new Sahara Series. The series comes in standard lay-in length sizes and joins Parker’s existing line of compact-size, Gold Label SLD suction line driers.

Parker said that the new Sahara Series is a direct replacement on OEM equipment where a compact size drier is not installed. The company also indicated that the Sahara Series desiccant is especially suited for acid and moisture removal in the system suction line.

Another new line introduced is the R Series. According to Parker, the R Series line of refrigeration and air conditioning solenoid valves will better meet the needs of OEMs and service contractors. Key features of the series include the ability to meet the higher pressure ratings necessitated by some of the newer refrigerants and a manual override design, the company said.

The new valves will be available in spring 2003 and will replace Parker’s current Jackes-Evans brand refrigerant solenoid valves, which will be gradually phased out of the market. Service parts for the Jackes-Evans line will remain available for a limited time thereafter. All warranties on the Jackes-Evans line will be honored.

Parker also broadened its line of thermostatic expansion valves with the new B5 Series. The B5 valve features eight interchangeable orifice cartridges. This means that the valve can easily be field converted to meet a variety of applications, the company said.

The series is also equipped with a special O-ring seal that prevents leakage by the pin from spraying on the lower side of the power element and affecting valve operation. The feature also allows more versatility in bulb mounting. Parker said that bulbs can be mounted upstream or downstream of the external equalizer connection since there will be no flow of refrigerant.

Finally, Parker introduced the new Mini (S)port Service Kit, a single package for servicing Parker’s line of A8, A9, and (S)port-style pressure regulators. The kit includes gaskets, O-rings, solenoid coil components, and tools. These parts, according to Parker, will enable contractors to meet more than 90 percent of typical Parker pressure regulator service and maintenance needs.

Publication date: 02/24/2003