MALTA, N.Y. - The Building Performance Institute Inc. (BPI) released new policies and procedures for its building performance credentialing programs in certification, accreditation, and quality assurance.

"A large group of industry professionals have dedicated countless hours to help BPI strengthen its policies and procedures for its credentialing of building performance professionals and their businesses," said Laverne Dalgleish, BPI chairman. "This investment will produce huge dividends in the coming years for consumers that are seeking a highly credible contractor pool to help them upgrade the health, safety, and performance of their homes, while lowering their energy bills and improving their comfort."

Candidates must pass both a written and field examination and demonstrate competency in their field to earn the BPI Certified professional credential in one or more of four categories: building analyst/evaluation, shell/envelope, mechanical systems, and multifamily. A key aspect of the new certification process is a single point of entry, 100-question examination for candidates. Fifty of these questions cover the building science principles that are required of all BPI Certified professionals, with the remainder of the questions focused on the specialty area. Previously, candidates had to complete a prerequisite designation prior to sitting for the more specialized examinations and the field examinations.

"We recognize that a building performance professional's time is extremely valuable, and that spending too much time away from work can be an expense," said William Parlapiano III, BPI CEO. "That's why we have streamlined the certification model without losing the rigor that this organization is proud of."

Recertification policy changes feature an enhanced requirement of 30 hours of continuing education over the three-year term of the BPI Certification, in addition to the mandatory field examination. Candidates for recertification with between 10 and 30 hours of continuing education will take the 50-question specialty examination for their field, along with the field examination. In order to be recertified, BPI candidates with fewer than 10 hours of continuing education will be required to take a 100-question written examination, in addition to a field examination.

Publication date: 06/19/2006