TEMPE, Ariz. - ESS, a leading provider of operational risk management software and services for environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) and crisis management, has announced the debut of a new online training portal featuring training content designed to expand company safety programs and personnel development training initiatives.

ESS University, designed by 360Training, an e-learning technology solutions provider, provides on-demand training content designed for EH&S professionals, energy managers, human resources personnel, and other industry professionals. The portal includes courses on OSHA standards for construction and handling of hazardous waste, as well as courses on human resources, power generation processes, and safety.

"More and more companies are investing in e-learning platforms as a mechanism for training their employees," said Sael Celly, manager, international markets of the technical skills and safety division for 360Training. "By 2006, $46 billion will be spent on training and $15 billion of that will be budgeted for eternal products and services like ours. E-learning has grown into a sizable global industry."

Michelle Gagnon, partner program manager for ESS, said the company is very aware of the impact e-learning has had on organizations. Gagnon and Celly have conducted a Web seminar about the online university that can be viewed at www.ess-home.com/news/webinars.asp.

"The courses offered by ESS University complement nicely the extensive selection of videos, DVDs, CD-ROM programs, safety kits, compliance kits, and manuals we already offer as part of our complete EH&S and crisis management packages," she said. "We are excited for the opportunity to make these courses available to our customers to help them achieve their business and career goals."

For more information on ESS University, visit the ESS training page at www.ess-home.com/training/ and select Online University from the menu on left-hand side of the page.

Publication date: 06/12/2006