HARRISBURG, PA — G. R. Sponaugle & Sons Inc. has announced that, due to continued and rapid growth in the various sectors that it serves, it plans to relocate to larger facilities, basically doubling its operating space.

G. R. Sponaugle specializes in engineering, construction, and communications. It currently resides at 4391 Chambers Hill Road in Harrisburg, PA, and the property encompasses eight separate buildings within a campus setting. The current location is comprised of 30,000 square feet of office space and 50,000 square feet of manufacturing/warehouse space. The upcoming move will essentially double the working areas of both core functions.

The shop operation, which includes shipping and receiving, warehousing, pre-fabrication, and fabrication, will be relocating to a facility within the Harrisburg area. Exact location details have yet to be finalized, but it has been determined that a split operation will be the most efficient solution to the company’s needs.

The company intends to relocate its corporate and administrative arm to the former Hershey Middle School on East Granada Avenue in Hershey, PA. G. R. Sponaugle will be investing roughly $4 million into renovations and improvements to the facility, readying it for the occupancy of about 120 employees. The targeted construction schedule has renovations commencing by December 2002 so that the corporate relocation can be completed by June 2003.

For more information on G. R. Sponaugle & Sons, visit www.grsponaugle.com (website).

Publication date: 10/21/2002