The company says it has enhanced its line of insulation tapes by introducing VentureClad™ (1577CW), a UV-resistant, five-ply laminate made with three layers of aluminum foil (including the outer layer) and two layers of polyester film. With zero permeability, the tape can be used as a low-temperature (-10 to 248 degrees F) vapor barrier joint closure system and as a weatherproofing covering for most insulation materials, the company says. According to the company, the tape can be used in cold weather applications, as well as for exterior finishing of air ducts, pipes, and other open-air installations. The manufacturer states that the tapes are highly conformable and can be applied to foam glass, mineral fiber insulation, nitrile rubber foam, and semi-rigid foam insulation.

Venture Tape, P.O. Box 384, Rockland, MA 02370-0384; 800-343-1076 (U.S.) or 800-544-1024 (Canada); (website).

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