Two new 1/2-inch Super Hawg™ high-torque drills, Models 1680-20 and 1680-21 (kit), have a 13-A motor. The low-speed clutch protects the gear train from sudden high-torque stalls, says the company. According to the manufacturer, an easy rotation speed selector allows smoother high/low shifts and prevents the awkward gear engagement of competitive models. The tools also feature heavy-duty helical and spiral bevel gearing housed in an all-metal gear case for bearing and spindle support. The drills have the company’s 90-degree Roto-Lok™ left/right rear handle rotation, which allows the operator to maintain the grip and body position of the switch and direct the chuck in 90-degree drilling angles.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., 13135 West Lisbon Rd., Brookfield, WI 53005; 877-729-3878; (website).

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