The Metal Cutting Circular Saw Models 6320-20, 6320-21, and 6320-24 are designed to cut through conduit, uni-strut, angle iron and steel, copper and galvanized pipe, metal studs, spiral duct, metal roof/siding, and black pipe. This 18-V, cordless saw has a motor that can reach 3,200 rpm. The Endurance™ 6-1/2-in. 48-tooth carbide blade produces a smooth, burr-free edge and cuts 2-1/8 in. deep in one pass, says the company. Two other blades are offered as accessories. All three models come with safety glasses. Models 6320-21 and 6320-24 also come with a 2.4-A-hr battery, universal one-hour charger, and contractor bag. A hammer-drill with a 1/2-in. all-metal check comes with Model 6320-24.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., 13135 West Lisbon Rd., Brookfield, WI 53005; 877-729-3878; (website).

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