Temp cooling to the rescue: A chiller and air handlers kept the chocolate on the cookies this summer for a New Jersey cookie manufacturer.
A typical problem for many food warehouses is keeping products adequately cooled throughout the hot summer months. As the season was approaching, the management at a major sweets warehouse in New Jersey became concerned with better ways to preserve their fresh chocolate-coated cookies.

Because temperatures often climb significantly, the problem for the warehouse has been preventing chocolate from melting off their products in the poorly insulated building. Previously, the company always sent its products to a cold storage facility. However, it was determined to be less economical and only added logistical problems to the busy summer months.

In search of a solution to the problem, John Tracey, plant manager at the warehouse, called NuTemp/Longville early this year. What he needed was a chiller and air handlers to keep warehouse temps below 75 degrees F from June to September. Planning for the project began immediately; by June, a 100-ton air cooled chiller and two air handlers were installed and running at the warehouse.

"The biggest issue with this project was the lack of insulation and negative building pressure," says Joe Ciminera, NuTemp/Longville territory manager. "We had to make sure that the temperature will stay at the needed level and the client's product will not be damaged."

The equipment was set up by the customer's technicians, based upon schematics and drawings provided by NuTemp/Longville. The equipment remained on-site through September.

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Publication date: 10/27/2003