SHELBYVILLE, Ind. — Knauf Insulation and the Greenguard Environmental Institute announced that Knauf’s air-handling insulation products have been certified for superior indoor air quality (IAQ) performance.

The company’s certified products include Duct Wrap, Duct Board-M and AGM, Duct Liner E-M, and Rigid Plenum Liner.

The Greenguard Environmental Institute ( is an international third-party authority on low-emitting building materials. The institute says it performs a series of product and facility tests to provide independent assurance of IAQ excellence and compliance with the strictest industry standards on volatile organic chemical (VOC) emissions.

Greenguard certification is based on criteria used by the State of Washington, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), and the World Health Organization.

According to Bob Britton, Knauf president, “Indoor air quality is too important for people to just take our word for it. Greenguard certification means Knauf has third-party confirmation of IAQ performance covering a whole spectrum of indoor pollutants, including formaldehyde. This confirms what we’ve said all along — Knauf products do not and have never contributed to indoor air pollution.”

Britton also praised the institute for taking a comprehensive approach to IAQ: “The great thing about Greenguard is that it certifies products that have a minimal impact on indoor environments with regard to all VOC pollutants.

An architect or engineer can specify Greenguard and know they’ve covered the whole range of VOCs.”

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Publication date: 06/30/2003