Model PMRH120 is a digital panel meter that monitors both temperature and humidity. According to the company, the temperature range of the unit is -12 degrees to 140 degrees F (-24.4 degrees to 60 degrees C), with a temperature accuracy of ±2 degrees F/±1 degree C for temperatures within the unit's temperature range. The panel meter has a humidity range of 10 percent to 99 percent rh, and a humidity accuracy of ±5 percent between 30 percent to 75 percent rh when the temperature ranges from 32 degrees to 122 degrees F/0 degrees to 50 degrees C. Its dimensions are 2.375 inches wide by 0.812 inches long (60.3 millimeters by 20.6 millimeters). It features a min/max button, clear button, and a degrees F/degrees C switch. The LCD shows a dry/comfort/wet icon.

Cooper-Atkins Corp., 33 Reeds Gap Rd., Middlefield, CT 06455-0450; 860-347-2256 or 800-347-2256.

eProduct #181