The PIC-V Pressure Independent Valves, with 1/2- to 2-inch NPT female or sweat fixed ends, combine an optimized two-way control valve with a diaphragm cartridge assembly, isolation ball valve, and two pressure/temperature test ports, says the company. According to the manufacturer, the flow optimizer provides equal percentage control so that the heat output at the coil is linear when compared to the open area of the ball. The plastic mounting plate, extensions, and handle don't corrode in chilled water applications and reduce heat transfer to the actuator in hot water applications, says the company. Features include manual operating handle, which allows the valve to be operated in the event of a power failure; blowout/safety retainer/replaceable stem; and a mounting plate that can be used with eight different manufacturers' actuators. The actuator and plate can be rotated after mounting, which permits installation in confined spaces, the company says. The manual ball valve is designed to isolate the coil or valve for maintenance.

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