The Flash Water Heaterâ„¢ Model T-KJr is designed for hydronic space heating and potable water heating applications. This tankless, wall-mounted unit can be installed indoors or outdoors. It measures 20 by 14 by 6 inches and weighs 30 pounds. It provides a first-hour flow rate of 180 gallons. The natural gas input is a minimum of 19,500 Btu and a maximum of 140,000 Btu, whereas the LPG input is a minimum of 17,000 Btu and a maximum of 140,000 Btu. The water pressure is a minimum of 15 psi and a maximum of 150 psi. The water heater has electronic ignition and an electrical supply of 120 V. Optional items for the water heater include a temperature remote controller, a vent damper, a vent terminator, and a vent cap.

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