The T-K3 is the smallest, most versatile, and powerful of the company’s residential tankless water heaters. It is 13.8 inches wide and weighs 40 pounds. The water heater is compact enough to be mounted on the wall, including recessed between two wall studs. It can provide an unlimited supply of hot water continuously because there is no storage tank to heat and reheat. The T-K3 has a maximum flow rate of 7 gallons per minute. Because of Easy Link technology, up to four units can be connected together without the need of an additional control box. According to the manufacturer, the unit starts heating water at 0.5 gpm allowing customers to receive endless hot water at faucets where less water flow is sometimes used such as with bathroom sinks and showers. It offers eight separate temperature settings from 104° to 185°F. It doesn’t require the use of a separate remote control. The water heater has a thermal rating of 85 percent for liquid propane and 82 percent for natural gas.

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