A full line of Epact and NEMA Premium™ cooling tower-duty replacement motors (2 to 100 hp) are designed to operate in extreme humidity conditions and corrosive environments. The Quantum Shield™ inverter grade wire is used as a measure against voltage spikes and the motor frames are constructed of cast iron (140 Frame rolled steel). According to the company, with the new electrical designs, the premium-efficient inverter-duty motors can accommodate extended long cable length while maintaining a full range of service capabilities. Features include double-sealed bearings, potted leads, bearing caps on 280 Frame and above, a heavy-gasketed conduit box and cover, sealed lead openings, sealed bracket-to-frame registers, and an umbrella-type seal for shaft-up mounting.

Emerson Motor Technologies, 8100 W. Florissant Ave., St. Louis, MO 63136; www.emersonmotors.com (website).

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