A brochure is available on the company’s latest addition to the Cyclone XHE® line of commercial water heaters. “The Cyclone XHE BTH 120-BTH 300” brochure (AOSC 94474) features the company’s entire line of Cyclone XHE commercial water heaters, including the new BTH 300 Model. Included in the brochure is a graph that identifies the storage capacity, Btuh input and output, recovery in GPH, PVC vent size, height, width, depth, and shipping weight for each model. Other features and benefits are highlighted, including a chart that compares this line of water heaters to potable hot water boiler tank systems.

A.O. Smith Water Products Co., Rochelle Park, Suite 200, 600 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Irving, TX 75062; 972-719-5925; 972-719-5960 (fax); www.hotwater.com (website).

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