DAYTONA BEACH, FL — PowerCold Corp. has announced that Elite Hospitality Inc. of Daytona Beach, FL, has selected Ultimate Comfort Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of PowerCold, to design and install a cooling and heating system for Elite's St. Augustine Beach resort hotel.

The system includes Nauticon™, a patented evaporative chiller technology that is said to improve air conditioning and refrigeration efficiency by up to 50%. The installation will also include the DuPont Caltrel® cooling and heating coil, which the manufacturer says does not corrode while reducing the overall power needed to run the unit. The system will be manufactured at PowerCold's La Vernia, TX, plant. The hotel will feature 60 guest rooms and suites, a restaurant, swimming pool, and whirlpool. Groundbreaking is planned for November 2002 with completion expected by November 2003.

"I am delighted that our technology that will provide a major design improvement in guest comfort and in energy cost savings has been selected for this new hotel," said Frank Simola, PowerCold CEO. "Previous installations of our technology have resulted in increased occupancy rates and higher guest satisfaction."

Robert Yoho, president of Ultimate Comfort Systems, based in Tampa, said, "We are building a system that will operate with less than 0.7 kW per ton and will be natural gas fueled using hot water heaters that are over 90% efficient. Solar power will be the primary source for heating guest rooms, the swimming pool, and the building. Guests will be able to individually cool or heat their rooms. Because it will be a central system, guest rooms will be quiet with no noisy compressors in the walls. The hotel will provide fresh air in each room through a system that enables exhaust air energy to be captured to heat and cool the fresh air to the rooms while at the same time dehumidifying the air."

"We are pleased to be the first to utilize this new technology in the state of Florida," said Manoj Bhoola, president and COO of Elite Hospitality. "With this system we expect to deliver customer operated climate control to our guests that is ultra quiet and comfortable, while keeping our energy costs well below those of conventional systems."

It was announced last month that two hotels equipped with Ultimate Comfort HVAC systems were the first hotels awarded the EPA's Energy Star certification.

Al Othmer of the Florida Energy Offices Energy Conservation Assistance Program, said, "The new St. Augustine hotel being built by Elite Hospitality will be a model for the hospitality industry as well as other commercial buildings and extended care facilities in Florida. Incorporating this design will improve comfort, energy conservation, and the guest room environment. Ultimate Comfort Systems and Elite Hospitality will allow the Florida Energy Office through its ECAP Program (Energy Conservation Assistance Program) to monitor the system to gain information for publication regarding energy savings, comfort improvements, clean air for guests and employees, and other important data. This data will be shared with the hospitality industry for better and more efficient hotel construction."

M.B. (Bruce) Babcock, business manager of Caltrel® Fluid Energy Transfer Systems for DuPont® Canada, said, "We are pleased that Ultimate Comfort Systems and Elite Hospitality are allowing us to demonstrate to the hospitality industry the heat exchanger coil of the future. The Caltrel® cooling and heating coils offer features not found in the standard cooling and heating coils that have been produced for decades and are in use even today. The Caltrel® cooling and heating coil offers longevity; it will never corrode and reduces energy costs by reducing horsepower required from fan motors and pumps."

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Publication date: 08/19/2002